Why should I use a Sugar Scrub?

Many people simply use soap and water to try and clean their skin; However, Sugar Scrubs are more effective and just as easy to use. They help rid the skin of extra oils and dead skin cells that the outside layer of the body accumulates throughout the day. When the body is washed free of dirt and other leftover products, it can help minimize breakouts that may occur from clogged pores.  Sugar Scrubs are effective for use on the entire body, even on sensitive areas such as the face. It will help clean out clogged pores as well as slouch away dead tired skin. Another great thing about Sugar Scrubs is that they are just as effective as Salt Scrubs but their finer sugar grains are gentler on the skin.

The Benefits of Sugar Scrubs

Tree Hut Sugar Scrubs not only smell great, but they are great for your body as well. They make your skin fresh and smooth on a daily basis. The natural ingredients that are found in Tree Hut Sugar Scrubs are effective on all types of skin. They are designed to help your skins ability to rehydrate itself.

Whether you have oily skin or dry skin, exfoliating with a Sugar Scrub will benefit your skin. Tree Hut Sugar Scrubs contain natural oils and extracts that help the skin rejuvenate and look fresher.. Due to their ability to hydrate the skin, they can help rid the body of skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis. This product is gentle on the skin, yet tough enough break through the dead outer layer of skin and return your skin to its healthy form. It gives the skin a deeper cleanse than just regular shower wash.

The most convenient time to use a Sugar Scrub is when you’re showering. After your initial rinse, and your skin is sufficiently wet, use a small amount of the Sugar Scrub and message the scrub into your skin – arms, elbows, knees, face, heels etc. It is effective for all parts of the body. With only a small bit of pressure, your body will begin to feel the positive effects of the Sugar Scrub. After you rinse the scrub off your skin, notice there is no oily reside left behind. Run your hand along your newly soften skin; you will be amazed at how it feels.

Sugar Scrubs help what?

Many do not know that Sugar Scrubs can help prep the skin before tanning. It helps the skin absorb the tan better as well as even out blotchiness as the tan fades.  It is always good to exfoliate before tanning because it gives your skin a fresh new layer, like a blank canvas.

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